Circumcision & Vasectomy Clinics in Montreal, Longueuil & Chateauguay

Circumcision clinic for babies (0-6 months), children (5-16 years) and adults (16+)

Do you need a circumcision in the Montreal area ?

Our Montreal circumcision & vasectomy clinics overseen by Bourque, Sioufi & Ass. have more than 20 years of experience in the field of circumcision. We are located in Montreal, Plateau-Mont-Royal, Longueuil in the South Shore, and Chateauguay.

We are very pleased to welcome you to our private clinics in the metropolitan area. Our medical team is made up of adult and pediatric urologists, with vast experience in circumcisions.

Montreal circumcision clinic

A Team who listens to your every need

We rely on the expertise of our dedicated medical staff, who will answer any questions you may have about our male circumcision & vasectomy clinics in Montreal and surrounding areas near you, and who will accompany you throughout the entire procedure.

We offer a pre-operation consultation to answer any of your questions and concerns. Simply give us a call to book your pre-circumcision consultation now.

Post-op care is as important as the procedure itself, and you can count on our Montreal urologists to guide through the healing process.

Why you should choose our urologists for your circumcision needs in Montreal

Circumcision is a medical procedure that often raises many questions for patients, whether seeking the procedure for religious, aesthetic or sanitary reasons.

Our urologists at our Montreal, Chateauguay and Longueuil clinics are specialized in this type of medical procedure; they will be able to answer all your questions better than a non-specialized doctor.

When you choose one of our four medical centres run by Bourque, Sioufi & Ass., you can:


We offer you a complete range of services in the field of baby & adult circumcision in Montreal. Our circumcision & vasectomy clinics are state of the art. Contact one of our four urology centers in MontrealChateauguay or Longueuil today to schedule your procedure.

Usually, you will get an appointment within 7 days. You can visit our blog and learn more about circumcision!

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