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Baby circumcision is normally done early in the life of your toddler. When the procedure is done within the first four weeks of birth, then it is considered a baby circumcision. We use Plastibell technic for baby circumcision; the safest method. Parental consent is needed to perform this procedure, and if you have decided that your young boy should be circumcised, you should have the procedure done at the best circumcision clinic, and so we are here to serve you. Parents must carefully read the circumcision documents before signing the consent form. If you have any questions, they can be addressed to our doctors.

The best baby circumcision in Montreal is with us

Bourque, Sioufi & Ass. is one of the leading urology practitioners in Montreal, the South Shore, and Chateauguay. Through his skilled hands, thousands of babies have been gifted with safe and comfortable circumcision. In our clinic, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong during the procedure. Besides, the procedure is offered in a cool and comforting environment, and our staff will be there to ensure that you have the very best experience for your baby circumcision in Montreal.

As a parent, you will desire to have the very best baby circumcision for your baby. Naturally, you will be worried about a thousand and one things that could go wrong, but we would like to ensure you that we have the best and the safest baby circumcision procedures in the city, and you can rely on us. Our clinic has performed thousands of such procedures in the past, and this should give you the confidence that your child will indeed be in good hands.

Baby Circumcision

Why Circumcise Your Baby

Quite a number of reasons may be advanced, as to why you should circumcise your baby. The majority, however, are based on culture and religion. Other parents, on the other hand, will determine the procedure for their children for personal or cosmetic reasons. But whatever your reasons are for having your baby circumcised, you must ensure that the procedure is done by the right medical experts, and we are the best circumcision clinic in Montreal.


Preparation before baby circumcision

No preparation is necessary for babies up to one month of age. If older than one month, you can give your baby Tempra, Tylenol or acetaminophen according to his weight one hour before the circumcision surgery. You can also give him the bottle or breastfeed before the procedure. The baby is given Tempra or Tylenol or Advil according to weight immediately after surgery.

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Post baby circumcision

Up until the age of one month, analgesia is less necessary and often bottle feeding, breastfeeding and cuddles from the parents are enough to calm your child. Cleaning is normally done as usual with soap and water. The medical ring falls off within 14 days in babies around 4-6 days. The older the child the thicker the skin is and the longer this falling process will be delayed: typically about 14 days after the operation The return home can be done directly after circumcision. The first bath can be given the next day. Complete cure occurs one month after surgery. It is not necessary to wear special pants after circumcision, but cream is advised the first two weeks to avoid clinging of the foreskin to the diaper.

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In the case of urinary problems

Normally, there are no urinary complications, but, if the ring is too tight, there may be difficulty in initiating urination. Different reasons that can cause post-circumcision urinary problems include: swelling, tight dressing, or analgesia.
Proper hydration is essential. If the child is still unable to urinate, he must go to the children's hospital (Ste Justine or MCH).

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Cases of particular concerns

Swelling, discoloration and blisters on the penis are normal reactions. After the ring has fallen off, the swelling will gradually disappear.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the office or our assistant Gilles (514) 441-3234 who will be able to answer you or you can contact our doctors.
If you are fully satisfied one month after circumcision, there is no need to return to the clinic. Otherwise, regardless of anxiety, you can make an appointment to see the doctor again. In case of emergency, you should visit the children’s hospital.

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Medical emergencies

Significant bleeding. Check the pressure by pressing your finger at the site of bleeding for 20 minutes: if it persists, go to the nearest children's hospital.
If it is impossible for your baby to urinate after eight hours despite good hydration, this may be a case of urgency and you should go directly to the hospital.
We have an excellent experience in the field of baby circumcision: with over 10,000 procedures carried out!

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Summary: a step-by-step breakdown of circumcision on D-Day and follow-ups