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Experienced Doctors for a Painless Procedure

Getting circumcised in our clinics will put you in the hands of a very experienced doctor, who is not just well trained in this field, but also rated among the leading circumcision physicians in Montreal, Canada. Our patients are guaranteed of safe, minimally intrusive, and advanced circumcision procedures.

Montreal Circumcision for All Ages

We are a private circumcision clinic in Montreal, Chateauguay and Longueuil, dedicated to offering safe and fast procedures with more effective and superior cosmetic results than most of the conventional methods. Our services are availed in comfortable and professional environments, for the convenience of our patients.

We have the skills, experience and expertise to offer male circumcision services to all ages, while at the same time, upholding the highest standards of male surgical care. Great passion, respect and dignity are some of the attributes our patients can expect from us.

With us, you are guaranteed the following:

Adult Circumcision

You don’t need to visit a hospital or even get a doctor’s recommendation to access safe and sound male circumcision in Montreal. Adult circumcision can be done right from birth, up to the age of ninety, though there is no ideal time to go for it, except when you choose to do so.

In our facility, we combine local anesthetics with our quick, surgical technique, which leads to a comfortable and almost painless procedure. We use tailor-made technic with a scalpel for adult circumcision. We strive to deliver the best results, the best experience, and minimal pain throughout the procedure.

Infant and child circumcision

If you are looking for the right clinic to have your infant or male child circumcised, then you are on the right page. Since our clinic specializes in circumcision, rest assured that you are in the best facility to carry out your baby circumcision in Montreal.

We have a strong support system that will not just offer all the advice you need before, during and after the procedure, but we will also ensure that the procedure is done using the right methods, with the help of advanced tech to make it safe and comfortable for your boy. We use Plastibell technic for child and infant circumcision; the safest method.

We answer all your questions about male circumcision

Parents or adults who request circumcision surgery should have all the required information on hand. Be sure to ask all questions you may have about the procedure, benefits and risks to our specialists, in order to make an informed decision.

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