Why Get an Adult Circumcision?

Adult circumcision is performed for several reasons. Treatment may be required for certain medical conditions, such as phimosis, which refers to the tightness of the foreskin preventing it from retracting beyond the penis head, or penile lichen, where the foreskin becomes hardened and takes on a whitish appearance.

In addition, circumcision can be utilized as a treatment for sexual issues. For example, some young men may encounter pain during erections due to issues with the foreskin. Circumcision is also performed in cases where individuals have an excessively sensitive glans, resulting in discomfort during sexual activity. Furthermore, circumcision may be chosen for personal, religious, or aesthetic reasons.

Get an Adult Circumcision
Adult Circumcision in Montreal

Adult Circumcision in Montreal, Chateauguay & Longueuil

Adult Circumcision Montreal Fixed Price (with glue, consultations included).

If you are considering circumcision in Montreal, Longueil, or Chateauguay, it’s important to note that hospital visits or doctor referrals are not required.

All you need to do is to locate a reputable circumcision clinic near you, preferably one such as ours, where you will find a urologist to carry out the procedure. We are one of the leading clinics in Montreal, and with our services, you can rest assured that you will have a virtually pain-free experience. Also, you will get it in a well-equipped circumcision clinic, with all the necessary support needed for quick healing. We use tailor-made technic with a scalpel for adult circumcision.

Types of Adult Circumcision

Full Circumcision

In the case of a full circumcision, the glans are left completely exposed and no trace of foreskin remains.

Partial Circumcision

In the case of a partial circumcision, some foreskin and preputial mucosa remain on the penis, protecting the glans. Partial circumcision does not provide the same degree of protection against sexually transmitted diseases but is beneficial for hygiene, like full circumcision.

Adult Circumcision performed at any age

People tend to wonder, “can you get circumcised at any age,” and our response has always been a decisive YES. Both men and young adults from all walks of life head to our clinics to get circumcised. Most of the requests we receive are primarily for medical and personal reasons, and we are always open for further consultation if you are on the fence about deciding whether or not to get circumcised.

Styles of Adult Circumcision

In a low and loose circumcision, the circumcision line is further down the shaft and the mucous membrane is conserved. There is no tension present in the penis, whether it is in a flaccid or erect state. This corresponds to a partial circumcision.

Styles of Adult Circumcision

Which Circumcision Style is Ideal?

The ideal circumcision style will vary from patient to patient, and one is advised to carefully consider his decision before opting for a given kind. If the foreskin is affected by a certain medical condition, circumcision options may be limited. It is best to consult with a specialist in order to assess the number of options available and to determine which of them is ideal.

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Why is an Adult Circumcision Performed?

Adult circumcision is performed for several reasons. It may be necessary to treat a medical condition such as phimosis, whereby the foreskin is too tight to retract past the head of the penis, or penile lichen, whereby the foreskin becomes tough and turns a whitish color.

Circumcision may also be performed to treat sexual problems. For instance, it is common for young men to experience pain when erect as a result of a problematic foreskin. Circumcision is also performed on men with hypersensitive glans, rendering sex unpleasant, or for personal, religious, or cosmetic reasons.

We also offer custom adult circumcisions, please click here to learn more.

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Safe procedure in a comfortable environment

One of the primary advantages of getting circumcised as adults in our facility, is that we are focused on a single procedure, and this leads to high quality care for those in need of the procedure. Our facility is state-of-the-art, and the entire Montreal circumcision clinic is designed to make you relax, and be as comfortable as possible.

The procedure itself is quick, safe and virtually painless. Our staff will walk you through the entire process, and will explain exactly what will be done, how it will be done, and the kind of results you can expect once the procedure has been completed. All your questions about adult circumcision will also be answered in detail, prior to the procedure.

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Adult Circumcision Montreal Fixed Price (with glue, consultations included).

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We answer all your questions about adult circumcision

  • This surgery can be carried out from birth until the age of 90.
  • Circumcision is done mainly for cultural and religious reasons, but also for medical reasons, such as in the case of penile cancer.
  • The ideal time for you is the one you choose yourself.
  • Circumcision can be done under local anesthesia.
  • Fixed price for an adult circumcision (with glue, consultations included); the consultation is included and will be the same day.

An adult circumcision may be performed for a number of reasons, either medical or personal and cosmetic. Several iterations exist, and choosing the ideal one is a matter of personal necessity and/or preference. Contact us today to determine your best course of action.

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