Doctor signing a document after a circumcision
November 17, 2022

What to Do After Circumcision?

Circumcision is an optional surgical procedure that involves cutting the surface of the skin that covers the head of the penis. This can be done for medical, religious or cultural reasons.

After surgery, the stitches are then put in place, with resorbable sutures. Usually, the foreskin is cut and sewn during the procedure. The patient may experience slight pain, especially at night. For relief, doctors often prescribe analgesics that can be taken as needed.

The specialist for this operation is a urologist. Then there is a doctor specialized in the urinary system of men and women and male reproductive organs (prostate, testicles, penis). The physician is able to manage congenital, infectious, traumatic, hormonal pathologies, etc. The consultation is done under the direction of a general practitioner. Surgery is performed by a surgeon. Later on, there may be a specialist other than an urologist.

Tips for returning home after a baby circumcision

If your child has just undergone a bell child circumcision (plastic ring), here is information that will facilitate your return home after surgery.

Return home (first 24 hours)

Dressings should be removed at the first change of diaper. Bloody bandages are normal.

If bleeding persists

Dry the penis with a dry towel in your hand and apply for 5 minutes. Then, if the bleeding persists, you must go to the hospital.

You can wipe your penis with a damp cloth or alcohol-free wipe. Apply petroleum jelly to the tip of the penis after each diaper change.

Bathing is not recommended for the first 24 hours unless there is stool on the penis.

After 24 hours

Your child should bathe for five to ten minutes in warm water, three times a day, or as soon as there is stool on the penis. Finally, add a mild soap to finish the cleaning process and dry with a towel.

You should continue to apply Vaseline on the penis after each layer change until the dressing comes off. The plastic ring and the wire will fall off on its own in 5 to 10 days. If the ring falls prior to day 5 and there is no bleeding, do not worry.

It is normal that the penis is red and swollen for a few days and that there is a white or yellowish discharge between the ring and the glans; continue bathing 3 times a day until the ring falls off on its own.

After circumcision in a circumcision clinic in Montreal, it is important to wash the foreskin area with soapy water. If performed on an infant, the diaper change should be continued as usual. Finally, you must apply a gauze soaked with petroleum jelly or other ointment every time you clean the area of the foreskin. This prevents the foreskin from sticking to the layer during the healing process.

How to take care of your son after circumcision

To promote rapid healing:

Keep the area clean and dry. Use disposable diapers for at least the first week as they cause less irritation and help keep the intimate area clean and dry.

Gently clean the area around the penis with a cotton pad or soft towel. Do not use commercial wet wipes or other products such as alcohol, powder or lotion as this may cause irritation.

Avoid cars as much as possible; baby car seats can be uncomfortable for a newly circumcised penis. If necessary, a folding layer placed between the baby and the seatbelt will help relieve pressure on the penis.

For adults:

After circumcision in Montreal, it takes 6 to 7 days for the penis to heal. The circumcised area may remain red for several days, which should subside as the wound heals. It is very important to follow the care instructions given by the doctor doing the surgery. These will involve dressing, cleaning the wound and bathing. Contact your doctor if bleeding is persistent during healing, if there is redness and swelling around the circumcised area that doesn’t disappear within 48 hours of the procedure, if you do not urinate for 12 hours after the procedure, or if there is discharge from the penis that is green or has a foul smell.

What are the tips to follow after a circumcision?

  • Physical efforts should be avoided for 1 month.
  • No baths until healing is complete. Showers are possible.
  • You have to wait at least 15 days before having sex again.