Male Circumcision
November 23, 2017

Things You May Not Know About Male Circumcision

If you are considering opting for male circumcision in Montreal, you should be advised that it is a safe procedure when done in the right facility, and by qualified practitioners. However, you will not fail to get bombarded with myths and misinformation that may confuse you and cause you to doubt your decision to opt for the procedure.

Here are a few things worth knowing as far as male circumcision is concerned:

Lowers your risk of getting an STI

Certain studies and research have shown that get an adult circumcision lowers your risk of getting HIV in men, by up to 60%. It is believed that with the removal of the foreskin, the bacterial community known as microbiome, which usually resides beneath the foreskin and is instrumental in the spread of the virus, is greatly reduced, thus lowering the overall risk of contracting the virus.

In addition to lowering the risk of contracting the deadly virus, male circumcision has also been attributed to lower chances of getting certain forms of cancer, such as penile and prostate cancer. For penile cancer in particular, it has been established that it is a problem that never bothers those who are circumcised, and if detected early in the uncircumcised, then circumcision would be a sufficient treatment. However, this is not a reason to decide to get circumcised. Also, circumcision is not a replacement for condoms, and one should always be responsible when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Some pain is involved in the adult circumcision

Adult circumcision is usually viewed as a quick and easy procedure, but this does not imply that it is painless. In most cases, it will be done under general anesthesia, and pain medication must be provided once the procedure is over. Once back at home, the foreskin area may be in pain for a few more days before it has completely healed.

Mental health complications

One aspect of adult circumcision in Montreal you will have to deal with, is its mental health implication. When you go for circumcision as an adult, the difference in the absence of the foreskin will be apparent, and you will also have adjust to the loss of sensitivity in the head of the penis. Finally, expect some changes in sensitivity during sex, though with time, you will adapt and get used to the condition, and it will become comfortable and seamless to you.