Getting Circumcised
November 20, 2017

Getting Circumcised As an Adult

Getting circumcised as an adult may frighten even the toughest and most optimistic of men, but there is nothing sinister about it, as it doesn’t come with any significant danger and there are male circumcision advantages. A lot of myths and misinformation are flying around as to why people should not get circumcised when they grow up, but most of these are not true. If you are an adult and you are thinking about getting circumcised, you are leaning towards making a very good move, and it will be one of the best decisions you will make in your adult life.

What to expect

When you get an adult circumcision, one of the major changes you will experience, is the difference it makes to your foreskin. A lot of studies have been conducted with regards to this matter, and one of the most outstanding conclusions is that circumcision as an adult will lead to slightly diminished penile sensitivity. However, this is not to say that it won’t be sensitive at all, only that sensations will be mildly reduced compared to when you had the foreskin.

Any changes in sexual pleasure

There is no conclusive research which has outlined the specific relationship between getting circumcised as an adult, and sex. What is generally accepted is that the absence of the foreskin will make the penis less sensitive, and this may have a slight impact on stimulation and sexual gratification, but it doesn’t affect the sexual performance of the individuals who have undergone the procedure.

Before you make the decision to opt for the knife, you should clearly understand that male adult circumcision is primarily for hygiene purposes. It is believed that with the presence of the foreskin, accumulation of smegma can take place, and this can lead to conditions such as penile cancer, amongst others, if not well taken of.

But if you decide to go for the procedure, consider getting it from a urologist, at a reputable clinic, where it will be performed by a competent professional to avoid any complications.