circumcision affect sensitivity of penis
September 15, 2022

Does Circumcision Affect the Sensitivity of the Penis?

Male circumcision can be performed for a number of reasons: health, aesthetic, traditional or religious. The effectiveness of this approach remains controversial and is the subject of many debates.

Adult circumcision can change the sensitivity of the glans gland. According to the testimonies of circumcised men, surgery did not reduce pleasure but the sensation was perceived differently. The difference is seen during masturbation, penetration and oral sex. Before circumcision, the moment when the foreskin retreats to explore the glans under the effect of an erection is a period of pleasant sensation because this area is sensitive. However, after the operation, this sensitivity will gradually decrease over time because the glans is less moist and dilated because it is no longer covered by the foreskin. Now on the outside, it becomes less sensitive. It would be wrong to say that this is desensitization (unless nerves are affected during surgery, which is very rare). It is rather the loss of hypersensitivity at the beginning of the erection.

Contrary to popular belief, circumcision does not alter the sensitivity of the penis

Circumcision is often associated with penile insensitivity, especially because the foreskin is a part of the penis that includes many nerve endings.

What are the causes of loss of penis sensation?

The most common cause of loss of sensation in the glans is diabetes. In general, this type of symptom requires the opinion of a sexologist and a medical diagnosis.

Diabetes and loss of sensation in the penis

Men with diabetes may experience a loss of sensation in the penis. When blood glucose is too high for too long, it damages the nervous system. The deterioration of the nervous system causes pain or, on the contrary, a loss of sensitivity.

Indeed, in cases of reduced sensitivity, nerves are less likely to transmit nervous messages; when the nerves of the penis are affected, it’s referred to as penile neuropathy.

Depending on the amount of sugar in the blood that has damaged the nerves, sensitivity can be restored by stabilizing blood glucose.

Effects of depression on penis sensitivity

Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. In depression, neurotransmitter activity is impaired which results in the flow of neuronal information to the brain being impaired. Depression can cause many symptoms and low libido is one of them. Decreased libido and hormonal imbalance in the brain can lead to poor management of penis stimulation.

It is true that the sensory organs of the penis are physically normal, but the brain no longer converts stimuli into sexual arousal.

On the other hand, it turns out that some antidepressants can also reduce the brain’s ability to perceive sexual stimulation.

Vascular problems

Loss of penis sensitivity can also be caused by a decrease in erection quality. Erectile dysfunction itself may be a sign of a blood vessel problem.

Vascular problems are characterized when the blood vessels do not expand sufficiently to accommodate a significant amount of blood in the penis. Blood flow is not done properly in the small arteries of the penis and therefore sexual problems or erection problems appear.

By treating vascular problems, we can treat erectile disorders, regain a better quality of erection and thus regain a better penile sensitivity. Then the treatment is based on erection drugs like Viagra.

The effects of circumcision on sexuality

When this small intervention is done in adulthood, it is possible that it will be felt during penetration. If you feel a slight difference in the sensitivity of the glans during sex, you can increase the pressure on this area by asking your partner to contract the muscles around the vagina.

On the positive side, the glans is a little less sensitive at the beginning of an erection, which can delay ejaculation and therefore prolong sexual intercourse.

In conclusion, a circumcised man has the same satisfying sex life as an uncircumcised man.