advice for parents for baby circumcision
October 19, 2017

Baby Circumcision: Is It Right for Your Son

You will be surprised to learn that the decision regarding your baby circumcision, is a family decision, and not so much a medical one. Almost two thirds of boys in Canada are circumcised, some for family cultural beliefs, while others for religious beliefs. Bourque, Sioufi & Ass. does baby circumcision in Montreal for muslims.

As a parent, how important is the decision you need to make regarding circumcision, and is it right for your son? In as much as it is not a medical decision, it comes with significant health benefits to the boy, and it is these benefits that most parents consider when they decide to have their boys circumcised. Some parents, on the other hand, will not attempt to have a baby circumcision, but will wait until he is of age, so that he can make his own independent decision regarding whether or not to get a male circumcision.

When determining whether or not to take your son for the snip, consider the following:

Your general feelings about male circumcision – are you considering the procedure due to cultural or religious beliefs, or do you want to do it because of medical reasons? Motivations will vary considering the general feelings, with those that have strong religious and cultural inclinations towards circumcision being more prepared to have their sons circumcised compared to those considering it for health reasons.

What is the right time to get the procedure you ask? Child circumcision is recommended when the child is still very young, probably four weeks old, starting at that age, healing is faster and there are less risks of having a bad scar form where the foreskin is removed.

Where should you take your child for circumcision? There are specialty centers offering male circumcision and child circumcision procedures, and you need to identify one with a good reputation prior to having the procedure done. The last thing you want is to entrust your son’s reproductive organs to someone who is not qualified or who has a bad reputation.