August 4, 2020

Adult Circumcision: What to Do At Home

Circumcision is a noble decision that comes with a lot of exciting health benefits. If you weren’t circumcised as a child and you are interested in adult male circumcision, then there are lots of clinics specializing in this form of minor procedure that can help you out.

Since this is a minor procedure, there will be no need for prolonged hospital stays and in most cases, you will always be on your way home after the procedure is completed. However, this doesn’t mean that you will heal instantly once you leave the hospital. You will have to nurse the wound for a few days while at home.

Here is a brief look at a few tips worth considering when you return home after adult circumcision in Montreal-:

Wound dressing

This is one of the most important things that you have to be careful about when you return home from the circumcision clinic in Montreal. Most of the time, you will have colored gauze around the penis after the procedure. This is usually to cover the wound and the stitches to keep the wound clean so that you don’t suffer from any infections.

This dressing will usually fall off when you pass urine or when rubbed against your clothes or bedding while you sleep. It is expected that by the time the dressing falls off, the wound shall have dried up and it is okay if it is exposed. However, if the gauze falls off and you find that you are still bleeding, you need to get back to the clinic for a fresh dressing. Also, you should never try to pull the gauze off on your own, as this might end up causing you more pain and bleeding.

Do not remove the stitches

All the sutures used in adult circumcision in Montreal are dissolvable. They will eventually disappear with time so you should not worry about removing them or having to go back to the clinic to have them removed. Also, don’t be tempted to pull any loose ends of the suture materials because this may lead to bleeding and may also open up the wound, hence, prolonging the healing.

Keep active

For faster healing, don’t be sedentary after the procedure. You must rest when you are tired, and it is also important that you get enough sleep. However, you are highly encouraged to remain active and walk around the house to facilitate faster healing. Once the bandage falls off your penis, it is okay to shower, but avoid wetting the cut pat – only pat it dry until total healing is achieved.

Eat right

You are free to eat what you want, but since you have a wound that requires healing, you should eat lots of fruits, and vegetables to help with the healing process. If you are experiencing any form of stomach issues during this time, think about eating low-fat foods such as yogurt, broiled chicken, toast, and plain rice. Also, you should remember to drink plenty of fluids.

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